FragNite (now FragFest)


Cal Poly's Largest LAN Party!

CPP-CBA (162 & 163)

What is a FragNite?

FragNite has now been rebranded to FragFest and is run by Bronco Esports.

How much does it cost?

FragNite is free for everyone! You do not have to be a member of any club, just attend and have fun!

How do I get more info?

Join the CPP Bronco Esports Discord Server! They'll post more information as they get closer to the date once it has been decided.


FragNite started in fall 2008 when a group of SWIFT students wanted create an event that relieved stress from Midterms and Finals. The result was FragNite, a LAN Party so big it gathers students from colleges and universities all over the area.

In Winter 2013, SWIFT partnered with CPP eSports to expand FragNite beyond just a simple LAN party and transformed FragNite in to a large and tournament style LAN Party.

Today, FragNite has been handed over to CPP Bronco Esports and rebranded to Frag Fest. SWIFT only runs the network.

Just a few of the Clubs Involved: